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  • Is public delegate?
  • Voters: 500 (481 )
  • Voting power: 1,597,994.7
  • Payout percent: 90%
  • Payout interval: every 24 hours
  • Payout MIN: 1.00Ѧ
  • Payout MAX: 0.00Ѧ

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Sorry for my English.

First, I would like to introduce myself and tell you a little about myself. My name is Oleg, I am from Ukraine and over 5 years I’m developing web-interfaces. At first, it was a little hobby that finally turned into my main job. The work is consists of making not just a beautiful website interface or mobile interfaces, and also make a product that will be sold. But we won’t consider in detail my work and we will pass further. :)

Out of duty, together with my friend Stanislav (ShineKami) develop websites / and as you can see from the works, most of them are graphical (for the games).

Oleg also became part of the core ARK team.



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  • CPU: 4 Cores
    Memory: 32GB