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Hello everyone, our delegate name is locama, we said “our” because we are a team of 2 old (with a lot of experience, sounds better, we’re around 45yo…) Italian guys. One of us joined the world of blockchain solutions 2 years ago and involved the other a few months ago.

Skills & motivations

We are working in company that provides ICT services in multinational environment into the luxury goods’ markets. One of us is a system admin with deeply rooted skills in Linux and project management, the other is an EMEA salesman with a plus of 10 years of technical background in telecommunications (once engineer, always engineer).

Why we’ve decided to became an Ark delegate and why you should vote us?

We both strongly believe that Ark project, with its community & Ecosystem, will be the blockchain platform that help a lot of companies in upgrading their business processes to the blockchain solutions.

Being a delegate, even if neither of us writes code, will help us in promoting and helping the growth of Ark, more concretely:

  • Shaking the tree talking about blockchain inside companies we’re already working with, this could generate an interest, a request and maybe some project based on Ark ecosystem.
  • Meet & Speak the developers, we don’t write code, from features already developed or requests collected by clients could come business.

Since we’re Italian, with the kept sharing pool we would like to organize meetup in Italy or also in other countries where we are often visiting, such as France, Spain, the Netherlands.

Please also consider that even if you’re not directly interested in developing business, the growth of Ark inside companies will increase the value of the Ark you’ve.


  • 90% sharing
  • Transaction fee covered
  • Stable payment every week, on Sunday
  • For permanent voters, every 2 months, bonus
  • 10% kept will be used to: cover costs for the node, transaction fees, votes refund, bonus for permanent voters, organize meetup/events in Italy and promotions for voters (eg 1 week with 100% sharing)
  • Always open to suggestions, please post a reply here or contact us per email


We’d love to help the Ark community to grow simply sharing and talking about Ark and hopefully developing real business.

Please always consider that even if you’re not directly interested in developing business, the grow of Ark inside companies will increase the value of the Ark you’ve.

We see a huge potential in this project and we’re ready to help with our skills, any suggestion is always welcome, please feel free to contact us also per email.


Delegate name: locama Email: [email protected]


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