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Who we are:

The Ki Foundation is deploying a new decentralized global mesh network infrastructure that combines a blockchain layer running on a fleet of distributed smart-speaker devices (deployed in the hospitality industry: hotels and rental properties) to enable a global open source and privacy-centric operating system for applications and services.

Ki’s hardware devices will run and power a decentralized infrastructure that will provide permissionless access to its dApp service marketplace as well as storage, computation and bandwidth via its distributed network of nodes.

For further details about the Ki Foundation project, please visit:

How are we going to massively deploy the infrastructure:

There is latent demand in the hospitality space to move away from the legacy way of doing things: no longer having to pick up a hand-held phone and call the reception to order room service etc., for instance.

The Ki Device (aka Domo) is the first smart-speaker designed for hospitality professionals. It allows hotels and property managers to automate their processes, increase their revenues and deliver a new experience to their guests while preserving their privacy.

With contracts already secured to have almost 5.000 devices sold by the end of 2019, the Ki Device is the bootstrap of the Ki ecosystem.

For further details about Domo for hospitality, please visit:

Our willingness to leverage and build synergies with Ark:

The Ki Blockchain uses a fork of the ARK code, in which the DPoS protocol will be substituted by the Proof of Reputation and other functionalities such as the rewarding strategies and wallet scheme will be added. For instance, one major enhancement that has been already tested and achieved by Ki's team is to reach, in a test environment, a stable validation throughput of 750 tx/sec with peaks of up to 1000 tx/sec.

The Ki Foundation proposes an alternative approach to consensus: Proof of Reputation (PoR). This new consensus algorithm allows easier access to the validation process using a reputation system to limit the concentration of power. The Ki Blockchain is designed so that behavior will have greater importance in the algorithm than stake. If a validator misbehaves, its reputation is affected, and its staked Ki (including delegated tokens) can be slashed. The penalty depends on the severity of the violation.

For further details about it all, please refer to our recent AMA, hereafter: Reddit or contact us directly.

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