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  • Voters: 644 (578 )
  • Voting power: 1,670,698.3
  • Payout percent: 90%
  • Payout interval: every 36 hours
  • Payout MIN: 0.00Ѧ
  • Payout MAX: 0.00Ѧ


Hello! I consider myself new to the crypto world, however I have embraced it whole hearted in the past 6 months and haven’t looked back. I’ve been tinkering with computers ever since I was given a Commodore 64 to play with at a very young age.

I’ve been somewhat skeptical of blockchain technology and its evolution over the past few years especially given the fact that everyone wants to run their own blockchain. Then I learned about ARK a few weeks ago and was convinced that this platform and smartbridge technology is what will bridge the silos of blockchains I see building up all around us.

I’m proposing myself as a delegate under the nickname goose. You can reach me on slack @goose if you have any questions on my proposal

My proposal

Based on what I’ve seen so far, I strongly believe that Ark will be successful because of the fantastic community backing and contributions. I would also like to contribute to supporting the devnet as well. To that end I’m proposing the following. The initial profit share will be set at 92%. Other Details:

Payout interval: 211 blocks (approx every 24 hours)

No minimum/maximum payout. I will pay transaction fees for share payments Minimum ARK wallet eligible for payment - 1 ARK Note: Payment times may vary due to when blocks are forged. In addition, if there are network issues with excessive block times (which has happened periodically) it will take slightly longer to hit 211 blocks for share payouts.

As noted below in post 47 (TBW announcement), payment interval will switch to 316 blocks (share approx every 36 hours) at 250 voters. After I hit 350 voters payments will be set to 422 blocks (approx every 48 hours).



  • PythACES
    This is a python adaption/take on the ACES project by the ARK team which leverages the use of the amazing smart bridge technology along with the concept of encoded listeners to bridge blockchains for transactions. As it stands this is very much an alpha version so please keep that in mind if you happen to stumble across any bugs or issues as we are working hard to add features and test functionality as we build it out. Source: - - -
  • Python True Block Weight


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  • CPU: 2
    Memory: 4GB
  • CPU: 1
    Memory: 2GB
  • CPU: 4
    Memory: 8GB