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Do you want to play games, have fun and win Ark while also receiving your fair share of the delegate's forging rewards? Or are you a little wallet who wants a guaranteed payout every single week no matter what your reward balance is? Or even a large wallet wanting daily payouts? If so, vote for delegate fun!

fun is the delegate of, the first website where you can win free Ark cryptocurrency by playing HTML5 games within your web browser or on your mobile phone or tablet. Enter your Ark address when you play, and if you're the highest scorer by midnight UTC, you'll receive free Ark straight into your wallet. All games are totally free to play. It's that simple - truly win money for free!

Even if you don't win (or even play!) the games, delegate fun will still give you a share of the forging rewards, accurately calculated on a per-block level thanks to the widely used and approved True Block Weight system. Voter rewards are paid daily for any voter who has accrued at least 0.2 Ѧ in rewards and weekly for everyone else regardless of balance with no minimum payout.

BUT THERE'S MORE! By voting for fun and holding at least 50 Ѧ in your wallet, you will be eligible for a 50% prize boost for all the games at! That means you can win up to 21 Ѧ every single day in addition to your share of the forging rewards!

If you have any questions then please get in touch via Ark's official Slack or Discord, or via Reddit (/u/ArkFun_io).

Join the fun at

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