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Dear community,

My name is Drakeler, I've been in Slack a couple of months now getting to know the community better.
I live in Belgium and I am convinced that Blockchain technology will be the future of many things.
My native language is dutch but I also speak a bit of French and English off course, I work as a project manager on technical HVAC installations and had some HTML, Visual Basic and Java skills when I was young 😄 .
During my time in the community, I see more and more members of slack becoming a delegate, while some existing delegates never show up.
Personally I think this is a great evolution for the Eco-community and every delegate should show some involvement.
Seeing community members like superskeuo/supercool,Munich and fun hosting some real challenges got me thinking that there should be more involvement and fun in the ecosystem. These challenges are causing more people to join and bring forth a more active community.
This got me thinking that maybe i should try to run a main-net node and get some more community involvement.

My skills,mindset and contribution so far:

-I like learning new stuff every day and believe ark technology is the future of helping people and businesses to know and use blockchain.
-When I started the challenge of fun for running a own Dev-net node it got me convinced that I'm capable of doing this.
The Dev-net node is running smoothly for couple of weeks without missing a block.
-I'm enthusiastic about ark and becoming more involved in the ecosystem.
-Currently developing a snapchat filter for the ARK Eco-community that they can use on business events.
-Helping people on slack and Reddit, I don't have much knowledge yet about ark but what I've learned so I'm trying to offer back to other people.
-Testing new wallets, mobile/desktop and also new tools that ARK has/is developing.

Things i am planning/thinking about to do in the future for the community:

-Implementing more challenges so there should be more community involvement and non community people joining.
-Keeping a Dev-net server running for a more stable Dev-net so new releases can be tested.
-Tipping great post on Reddit and Twitter, so adoption will continue to expand,
-Buying some commercial products(caps,shirts,ark paper money) and give them away on parties/festivals.
-Posting Github issues that community members are saying in Slack, i see lot of people are unknown with Github or to lazy to post a issue. I could be a bridge between the 2 platforms.
-Implementing a random lottery to my voters, to give the voters that are loyal a extra reason to vote for me and a chance to win some more ark for the little wallets.(I would need to hire somebody to developing a tool that keep track of monthly voters or try to develop it myself)

I know this is not a programming or developing proposal but I think ARK can use various delegates with different skill sets.

Also everybody who spoke with to me in slack knows I'm a funny but still serious guy.
Hope you all like my delegate proposal and you will vote for me 😄

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