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  • Is public delegate?
  • Voters: 1786 (1480 )
  • Voting power: 1,517,660.7
  • Payout percent: 75%
  • Payout interval: every 168 hours
  • Payout MIN: 0.00Ѧ
  • Payout MAX: 0.00Ѧ

About Us:

My name is ‘Del’, and I am a former medical student living in New York City with a keen interest in coding and computer science, I’m by no means a professional coder, but I have experience with various languages that include Javascript, Python, HTML, CSS, and a bit of C++. Currently, I am pursuing my interest in video production as well as exploring my passion for technology by working my way into the IT industry. My partner, ‘Jigsaw’ is an avid coder with an exceptional ability to diagnose issues and find solutions. Together, we form ‘Delegate Del’ one of Ark Ecosystem’s earliest and long-standing community delegates, supporting it through technical development as well as providing valuable content to create an ever-green pool of marketing material.

Since our inception as delegates, Jigsaw and I have sought to bring up Ark’s value by commissioning ourselves to provide assistance in providing solutions for Ark. We have undergone various tasks from deploying devnet/mainnet nodes to support a dying network, to helping patch corrupted code that halts the network from producing new blocks, our expertise has consistently guided Ark Ecosystem in the right direction. We were one of the first delegates who officially hosted an Ark Ecosytem event in New York City, where we worked tirelessly to determine the logistics of the entire event, but we succeeded and had over 200 people attend our event. Make no mistake, our contributions to this incredible project don’t end there, we provide excellent level of communication for all community members, where we assist in welcoming and answering all questions and concerns that are addressed to us. We love everyone at Ark Ecosystem and welcome you to join us today!

Our Skills:

Jigsaw – Exceptionally talented at coding, mastered nearly 7 languages and was at the top of his class when he was attending his university studies. He loves digging through code and coming up with creative solutions for backend development. He is my go-to guy for all Ark Ecosystem development questions, so don’t hesitate to reach out to him.

Del – A true pragmatist who finds satisfaction in bringing valuable content for the Ark Ecosystem community, from organizing events to producing videos that help spread Ark’s name. I have produced several videos so far and expect to release more than a dozen more as I continue to learn the art of filmmaking while also spreading the success of Ark Ecosystem.

Our Proposal:

By voting for us, we will work to provide you with the following:

  • You will receive a 75% payout share from all forged rewards using a True Block Weight (TBW) payout script, this way you will receive blocks that you help forge and be rewarded exactly as you earned it.
  • Payments will be issued weekly. (Please note: At times, payouts may be delays by a few hours because in some events we may experience network issues)
  • All transaction fees will be covered.
  • No minimum ARK required to vote.
  • No minimum amount of ARK required to receive.
  • Bonus faucet rewards, gain more free ARK at
  • Prompt voter support – In case you need assistance with your Ark related matters.


  • Relaunch with an entirely new UI.
  • Work on releasing new videos that relate to Ark Ecosystem.
  • Provide periodic security audits and general maintenance of the network.
  • Participate and host more Ark Ecosystem events throughout the USA.


We have been an active and diligent delegate for more than a year now, and everyday we wake up excited knowing that we are part of this incredible community. We ask for your support to help us continue with forging! We vow to bring about the best service and hold ourselves accountable as an upstanding community representatives and delegates. Thank you to everyone who has supported us throughout all of this time, it has been an incredible honor thus far, and we hope to continue to grow along with this amazing project!

Ark is a voyage, join us and together we will reap the rewards of this great journey.

Vote for us and we will work hard on improving and growing the Ark Ecosystem.

-Delegate Del


  • A Delegate's Duty
    A Delegate's Duty – Is a short film I made which showcases the arduous nature of being an Ark Delegate, and the dire responsibilities that are inherently assumed when you are elected.
  • Ark Ecosystem Faucet
    Contribute nearly 1000 Ark per month to a public faucet hosted and designed by us. Now, everyone can have a share of Ark for themselves.
  • All-In-One Blockchain Solution Video
    Released a short film about how Ark Ecosystem stands out to change and revolutionize the blockchain industry. I compare the relative traits of several current crypto projects and showcase how Ark Ecosystem aims to differ from them.
  • First ACES Set-Up Guide
    With this guide I introduce how to properly set-up an ACES service.
  • Ark NYC 2018 Event
    Hosted the very first and most successful Ark Ecosystem community meet up in New York City! Responsible for organizing, planning, and advertising operations of the event, resulting in over 200 attendees who left the event knowing more about Ark Ecosystem and it's plans in future project development.


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  • CPU: 2 Core
    Memory: 8GB
  • CPU: 2 Core
    Memory: 8GB
  • CPU: 2 Cores
    Memory: 8GB