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  • Is public delegate?
  • Uptime: 99.72%
  • Voters: 1809 (1464 )
  • Voting power: 1,612,275.6
  • Payout percent: 95.00%
  • Payout interval: every 168 hours
  • Payout MIN: 0.00Ѧ
  • Payout MAX: 0.00Ѧ

My name is Del, I am a 22-year old medical student living in New York City with a keen interest in coding and computer science (I minored in CSci in college), I’m by no means a professional coder, but I have experience with various languages that include Javascript, Python, HTML, CSS, and a bit of C++. Due to recent health outcomes I was unable to attend medical school this semester and was forced to take a year off, I am currently working for a small healthcare company as a quality assurance consultant where I work closely with various hospitals around the city establishing contracts while also maintaining a patient assessment database.

I was first introduced to the world of crypto back in 2013 when one of my friends ended up purchasing some Bitcoin and storing it on a piece of paper, at that moment I figured it as nothing special, but I decided to buy and hold some as a potential lucrative investment. Since then, I have been involved in building mining rigs, losing plenty of money, making a lot of it, and over time have seen how mainstream media adopt the notion of cryptocurrency. Earlier this year, I had stumbled upon Ark Ecosystems, much like Bitcoin I didn’t think of it too much but I still decided to read into the whitepaper and just fell in love with the concept, since then I have observed Ark grow and it has shown nothing but incredible potential. I really enjoy the notion of letting the hard work speak for itself, and not stirring up hype like many coins do. I believe this allows everyone who supports Ark and anyone who is interested in supporting it to really understand the technology that this incredible team is trying to create.

I enjoy constantly learning new things, asking even the simplest of questions just so that I can understand the fundamentals of whatever it is that I must learn. I have been practicing coding for several years now and I think of it as both a simple and complex universal language, one where if utilized appropriately can bring about something truly inspiring. Despite my ever-sounding love for coding and programming, I was never able to grasp it to the extent that many people who are part of this amazing community can, I am truly fascinated by the amount of engagement by so many forward-thinking and like minded individuals who all wish to see this project succeed. It is truly incredible. With that said, I would like to propose myself as an Ark delegate to contribute to and propel the rocket ship that Ark is.

My skills:

I have an intrinsic side of me that longs to constantly put myself into a productive state where I learn new things and attempt to incorporate those very same new talents into my daily life. I have a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry however I have a plethora of skills that incorporate technical, economic, and social media backgrounds.

  • I have successfully started a social media page on Instagram concentrating on the utilization of creative photography where I managed to acquire 10k followers and shortly thereafter allow my friend to oversee it
  • I also manage a patient assessment database for my company where I maintain the stability of the network and assist in insuring that all patient information is secure and accurate. Swiftpath
  • I have recently released an extensive guide on how to set-up an ACES node while also accepting and providing feedback for anyone considering setting one up. ACES Node Setup
  • Transparent and open communication – I am free to talk almost 24/7

My proposal

By voting for me I will provide you with the following:

  • The node will remain at 95% and will at most be reduced to 92% in order to cover some promotions!
  • Minimum payout threshold = 0.3ARK. Meaning you must reach 0.3ARK during a pay run in order to be paid, otherwise you will have a pending (running) balance that will compound until next pay cycle.
  • Payments will be issued weekly using an automated payout script that will issue the shares once enough funds are reached. if I have any problems with a payout I will make sure to responsibly disclose this information through proper social media channels. Such as Reddit, Ark Forums, Twitter, Medium. I will always make sure to keep you up to date and never keep you in the dark.
  • All transaction fees will be covered. In other words, the 0.1ARK that it costs to send ARK will not be counted against you and will be covered for every payout. So you will save tons of money! :)
  • The max size wallet accepted is now 50,000 ARK.
  • No minimum amount of ARK required to stake with my delegate! :) I welcome everyone!
  • Minimum threshold is 0.3ARK, meaning you must reach 0.3ARK during a pay run in order to be paid, otherwise you will have a pending (running) balance that will compound until next pay cycle.
  • Block based reward system (True Block Weight system) which determines a fair distribution of ARK based on the ratio of ARK contributed using the wallet, relative to the pool at the time of forging a particular block.
  • True Block Weight system also ensures that there won’t be any pool hoppers to steal your share, so rest assured that your funds are even more secured than ever before!


  • Launch a website that provides voters with real-time data about their vote status and allow them to decide when they get paid.
  • Launch a public faucet
  • Using popular social media channels, establish a more solid public status and help promote Ark and it’s ever growing list of achievements.

I will also be working on setting up a website where voters can manage their payout frequency by calculating potential payouts and view past payments


I have been an active and diligent delegate for nearly 5 months now, and everyday I wake up excited knowing that I am part of this incredible community. I would like your support to help me continue with forging! I vow to bring about the best service and hold myself accountable as an upstanding community representative and delegate. Thank you to everyone who has supported me throughout all of this time, it has been an incredible honor thus far and I hope that we continue to grow as Ark continues to develop!

Ark is a voyage, join me and together we will reap the rewards of this great journey.

Vote for me and I will work hard to be an outstanding delegate.

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  • CPU: 2 Core
    Memory: 8GB
  • CPU: 2 Core
    Memory: 8GB