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My name is Tomaz (@tsifrer on Slack). I'm a software developer. I've been working with Python for the last 8 years. I've been introduced to Ark more than a year ago, and about half a year ago I've also started contributing.

My proposal

I'm proposing a delegate dangernoodle. As a delegate, I would like to make a Python port of Ark. I know it seems ridiculous to have Ark implemented in multiple lanuages but hear me out. Here are the benefits of having Ark in more languages:

  • developer access: having access to more developers
  • running forging/relay nodes in multiple languages can improve security if done right. If for example we would once have nodes in 3 languages and each language would cover 33% of the nodes, we would have increased security as if there would be a bug in one implementation, the other 66% of nodes would say NO to the faulty one (except if the bug would be present in all implementations)

Now, why Python?

I'm sure you've heard that in a lot of schools/colleges they teach Python. That means that we could get Ark into schools and start teaching people learn about Ark, cryptocurrencies and Python at the same time. The potential here is big. Python is also quite easy to learn, so cryptocurrency hobbyists could potentially learn basic Python and start contributing to Ark.

Profit sharing:

  • 70% -> goes to voters
  • 30% -> reserved for covering infrastructure costs (relays), development and contributions
  • payouts daily, no minimum payout

Process of implementation:

It's impossible to do everything at once, so my plan of attak is as follows:

  • get relay functionalities implemented and tested on devnet (transaction mem pool, postgres integration, etc.)
  • implement API
  • implement webhooks
  • TBD after the top ones are done

The reasoning behind this is to put something functional out ASAP, so people can start playing with it and start helping the development.

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