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Ark Super Bowl Squares! 🏈

Created on: January 30, 2020

Donation to Ark History Book

Created on: October 10, 2019

Donated to the Ark History Book by Tyke (slack user name), if you haven't given it a read, PLEASE do. There's a lot of great information in there. We'd be very surprised if you didn't learn something new! 😊😎 Check it out!

Arklings Fantasy Football League

Created on: August 6, 2019

The Arklings Fantasy Football League Season 2 is now underway! Check out the details here!

Video #3 - Ark Bridgechains: Solving Scalability and Providing Token Utility

Created on: August 6, 2019

Ark Bridgechains: Video#3 video complete! Please like, share, and subscribe! AND enjoy!! 😊

Video #2 Complete!!

Created on: May 31, 2019

Ark - Point. Click. Blockchain video is complete! We gave the initial glory to Ark Team to share 1st, but it is now uploaded into our channel. :) Please enjoy, share, and subscribe.

Sponsorship of YT Channel w/11k+ Subscribers!

Created on: April 24, 2019

The owner of the YouTube Channel uploads 1 video a day of new music, the music genres are rap/hip-hop/RNB. The typical demographic for these genres are aged between 18-30, which is a prime target demographic for crypto. CYJ donated Ark for the owner to distribute to random commentators, and encourages his viewer base to download an Ark wallet and get check out Ark. The initial funding is for 1 month. Hopefully this brings new blood to the Ark Ecosystem and spreads Ark awareness!

Check it out here!

Easter Egg Sponsor!

Created on: April 17, 2019

Donated 100 Ark to biz's Easter Egg Puzzle Hunt!

Ark Consensus Video

Created on: March 24, 2019

From The Depths of Doom Silent Auction

Created on: March 24, 2019

Exclusive Art from TGH for CYJ, we are running a silent auction until midnight OCT 31ST:

From the Depths of Doom Silent Auction

Fantasy Football League

Created on: March 24, 2019

Cam is the League Manager for the Ark Fantasy Football League:

Fantasy Football League Reddit Post


Created on: March 24, 2019

Cam is a current serving board member for the Ark Community Fund

Fantasy Football League Raffle

Created on: March 24, 2019


Created on: March 24, 2019

Cam runs ArkLogoWorks

Ark Explainer Animation

Created on: March 24, 2019

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