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  • Is public delegate?
  • Uptime: 99.39%
  • Voters: 66 (49 )
  • Voting power: 1,472,316.3
  • Payout percent:
  • Payout interval:
  • Payout MIN: 0.00Ѧ
  • Payout MAX: 0.00Ѧ

We believe that one of the best ways to help newbies get into Ark is to literally give them free Ark. That's why we made biz_private so we can fund the first public community Ark faucet as well as reducing dilution over at biz_classic. Right now we're funding it out of pocket but if biz_private starts forging, we'll be able to donate the forge rewards that we're not paying you directly to the faucet. The remaining 4-5% of the share will be given out and donated to funding and running the public community faucet.

Do you have 20,000 Ark? Do you want to maximize your payouts while helping a good cause? Vote biz_private and get 95% PAYOUTS FOREVER

By voting for biz_private, you will receive access to the entire suite of premium options biz_classic voters have access to. This includes:

  • True Block Weight, the only perfect protection from pool hoppers diluting your share
  • The most premium website in the delegate ecosystem
  • Your own custom payout frequency (Daily, Weekly, Monthly... your choice!)
  • Compounding Interest for your unpaid balances AND each block you help us forge
  • And 3x faucet rewards

In addition to a 95% voter share, after exceeding #30 on the delegate ranking, we will be capping votes in order to keep payouts high.

Update: All of our voters can now transact on the Ark network for FREE! That means sending Ark, voting, and creating a second passphrase can be done at 0 cost to you! Read more here:

Official Website

Delegate Name is biz_private


  • Faucet

  • ACF team 2017-2018

    @goldenpepe who is a part of biz_classic and biz_private delegate joined the ARK Community Fund team. Source:

  • Ark True Block Weight

    First open source TBW implementation.

  • Ark Faucet Code

    First open source Ark faucet implementation.

  • Ark Bruteforcer

    Ark passphrase bruteforcer.

  • Arkjs-wrapper

    Javascript API wrapper for Arkjs.


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  • CPU: 4 Cores
    Memory: 16 Gigs
  • CPU: 4 Cores
    Memory: 16 Gigs
  • CPU: 2 Cores
    Memory: 4 Gigs
  • CPU: 2 Cores
    Memory: 4 Gigs