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  • Voters: 43 (10 )
  • Voting power: 1,968.3
  • Payout percent: 80%
  • Payout interval: every 72 hours
  • Payout MIN: 0.00Ѧ
  • Payout MAX: 0.00Ѧ


Hi everyone! I am Alessandro and I am 32 years old. I live in Italy and I am a passionate cryptocurrencies follower . I believe a decentralyzed network could be - if well used - a good way to increase freedom and avoid economic monopoly. I am into cryptocurrencies since 2014, as observer. Recently i entered in this new community more actively. I bought Bitcoins and joined some project like Shift, learning how to forge and contribute to the growth of a community: it’s important for me to know that there is a well-planned project behind a crypto, something real. I think ark has a very huge potential and I am happy to discover with you what will become in the next few years.

My skills

I hade some experience with Linux before, managing and running a VPS delegate node, so I can handle a mainnet stable and secure ARK delegate node. I have strong project management and communication skills: I validated many project for my work so I know well how to link opportunities and projects

My proposal

I would like to support the ARK Ecosystem promoting the project. I can contribute to enlarge Italian and european ARK community spreading this project to my network, helping finding investors, developers that can work to the upgrades, translators and pr and linking the cryptocurrency world and ARK in particular to other real projects that need it.

I will grant to my voters 80% of my monthly forged arks. I will accept delegates to grant a good distribution of ark forged to my investors. I will consider the increase of the max ark average if the pool is in danger of exit from 51. This will grant the optimum investment for my investors. Investments over the max ark average will not be rewarded. Payments every 3 days.



I have been advisor for many projects: to create something good you need first of all people capable to work hard, to know where to go and - the most important thing - to know how to work together. I think this project is full of opportunities and ARK dev are capable to handle it in a serious and professional way (as we all saw on the testing phase). For this reason I am ready to give my contribute to the ARK community. Vote for me if you share this opinion with me and do not hesitate to contact me for sharing ideas and work together to the ARK project!


Slack: @axi Email: [email protected]



  • ARK project outreach (1)
    participating to conferences, meetings, meetups talking about Ark project (last conference made on LUISS Guido Carli University)
  • ARK project outreach (2)
    spreading ARK project and new updates to its network, helping finding new contributors,developers, community managers and pr managers
  • ARK project outreach (3)
    creating a new ARK website in italian language with locama delegate, to help italian community to know better the project, its updates and to be a point of contact for new collaborations from the italian environment
  • ARK project outreach (4)
    translating ARK technical documents in italian language and providing a step - by- step guide to buy Ark
  • ARK project outreach (5)
    linking the cryptocurrency world and ARK in particular to new real and trusted projects that needs ARK DPoS technology. Axi delegate brought new stakeholders to the Ark DPoS environment creating bridges with new projects like LWF- Local World Forwarders
  • ARK project outreach (6)
    organizing the first ARK meetup in Italy in the next 5 months (3 Ark meetups planned in Italy for the next year, covering the whole italian territory)


  • 09. Jul. 2018 @ 19:30 | visit update page
    We attended with locama delegate at the Blockchain Business Case Forum in Milan, Italy, on June 27th. Here is the first part of the update on the Blockchain Business Case Forum event that took place in Milan, many ideas to think about and a series of meetings to follow. The event was very professional and crowded, probably it was the best meeting made so far in Italy. There were many interesting speeches, in this first update we begin to describe those concerning initiatives related to Public Administration. European committee for Standardization They are working to create a standard consensus model to work with the public administration, D-POA, Distributed Proof of Authorities. Italian custom agency The Italian agency is working with all the custom agencies of European Commission on the Electronic Customs project. The goal of the project is to use blockchain to cut costs on the controls, improve traceability and certify some products. In Italy there is already a pilot project covering a typical Italian alcoholic beverage called Genepy. Italian chambers of commerce Already certify products’ made in Italy for registered companies: there are a series of complex procedures and frequent checks, at the end a specific label is issued (for example 100% Italian, 60% Italian, Designed in Italy). They are working to upgrade to blockchain technology in order to cut costs and make processes transparent. World Food Program World Food Program is an organization that distributes free food to the needy and is totally financed by donations. They described a case of blockchain that they are using to help 10,000 people in a Syrian city to pick up food in local supermarkets. Each person is identified by the World Food Program (retinal scan), when a person buys food in the supermarket, at the checkout is identified and the World Food Program makes the payment directly to the supermarket. Technology solves the problems of the very high bank commissions and the missed payments to supermarkets that have occurred using the intermediation of local banks that do not meet international standards. Using blockchain they save money, saving money that can help more people and every payment can be tracked by World Food Program donors. San Marino, a small independent state in central Italy. The Minister of Innovation attended the event, he said that San Marino is working on laws that allow a company registered in the state to launch ICO without having to go to Switzerland, Malta or Estonia. By the end of 2018, he said. In the next updates we will describe private initiatives (companies upgrading to blockchain and startups), our feelings about the event and follow-up meetings that we set to present Ark Ecosystem: nobody knows about Ark, event participants were not technical people.


  • CPU: i3-2130/3240 2 Cores
    Memory: 8GB