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Status update from alessio

14. Feb. 2019 @ 14:42
Core-SV-013: Transactions near to the HTTP POST payload size limit can stop delegates forging and halt the chain: The maximum HTTP POST payload is 1048576 bytes but there was no logic to ensure that blocks only contained transactions that would fit in a block below that size limit. It was possible for any network user to send deliberately oversized transactions that would approach (but not exceed) this limit. Although nodes would accept these larger transactions as valid, when it was time to forge them into a block, the additional block headers would make the block size larger than 1048576 bytes. This meant all nodes would reject the block with HTTP error 413 Request Entity Too Large, so the forging node would miss its block and the oversized transactions would remain in the transaction pool, meaning the node would be unable to forge until the oversized transactions expired (the default time being 6 hours).
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